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Embark on your digital transformation journey and achieve business growth with Gen AI Services as your expert digital catalyst. Leverage our proficiency to drive innovation and navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, ensuring a transformative and successful transition for your business.

Founded by a passionate group of business and technology experts who’ve built global technology IT business and products.

As a cutting-edge IT services company, we stand at the forefront of digital transformation, offering end-to-end technology solutions that empower businesses to accelerate their journey into the digital era. Distinguishing ourselves from traditional IT services, our portfolio encompasses a comprehensive range of digital transformation services. From designing and constructing customized enterprise solutions to delivering ready-to-deploy alternatives, we ensure that your unique requirements are met. Leveraging our internal talent and a robust network of skilled ecosystem partners, we guarantee a seamless integration of our new Gen AI expertise. Our commitment is centered on developing future-ready solutions for your business, employing state-of-the-art technologies and an agile development approach to deliver tangible and impactful results.


Ravi Linganuri

Building AntHive

Shane Brett

Building Anthive EMEA

Raguram L

Director, Operations & Finance

Mark Moylan

Head of Fintech and Fund Services

Bharat Annigeri

Director, Global Delivery

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